Who is it for?A1 - beginners who are exposed to the language on a daily basis. It's designed for foreigners who have just moved to France.

Objective: gain all the basic knowledge and skills to be able to handle daily tasks (shops, cafés...) and talk about yourself. There is an emphasis on phonetics: identifying the sounds, connecting sounds to written words and speaking.

Description: This is a hybrid course: 2 hours live in a classroom + 2 hours of activities (tutorial videos, pdf, quizzes) based on French dialogues, songs and basic vocabulary.

The feedback include videos of me correcting your work. I explain the corrections on camera and give you personalized tips and help with pronunciation. This feature was really appreciated by previous students.

Topics and preparation: each week, we'll focus on one topic (at the cafés, introducing yourself, talk about your town, your daily life, etc) and we'll explore notions of grammar and phonetics to build a solid foundation of French.

What previous students said about this course:

Maria, 26 years old from Colombia :

" My number 1 improvement with this programme is grammar, I can now understand the logic behind each sentence, even though I still need loads of practice."

Jena, 32 years old from Thailand :

" What I like the most about the class is that you always encouraged us to speak, and make sure we pronounced words correctly.

The other thing is homework, I love that after we wrote some sentences or stories, we can record the voice and send it to you for the correction, it helps a lot to be able to listen to your corrections again and again of what I pronounced wrong."

A1 - beginners

Je commence à partir de zéro

Duration: 10 weeks

This course is on-site near République on l'Ile de Nantes in Nantes, France.

PRICE: €419 for the full course. You can pay in 2 installments.

Total of hours: 40 h (20 hours of live sessions and about 20 hours of digital course)

Nolwenn Gautier - French native

Fully qualified teacher since 2010

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