With Nolwenn Gautier

Fully qualified teacher with 10 years of experience

Objectif: Je m'exprime en français en toute confiance

This course is designed to boost your confidence when speaking so that you can socialize in French with more ease.

The course focuses on conversation skills; there is 1h30min of conversation class every week. But, it is also a fully-structured course that includes all skills: reading, listening, writing as part of activities to complete prior the conversation session.

Note that this course is dictated in French with some comparisons with English when it's relevant.

What previous students said:

Ashley (USA) : "I really Enjoyed it! You have a nice way of keeping the conversations engaging and fun. The course never felt too long with the mix of activities. Thank you !"

Julio (Mexico): "What I liked the most about the course were the different activities we followed in the class and the homework. It was really well structured.

What helped me the most were the practice and the corrections Nolwenn did about my writing and my oral expression."

Time to invest: 3 hours per week

Duration: 6 weeks

Level: B2

(if you're not sure about your level, I lead free level evaluation before the course)

Number of students: max 3 students

Day/time: Tuesday 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Start of the course: September 7th


1h30 CONVERSATION class on-site located on l'Île de Nantes, France

1h30 activities online on other skills

+ Read an article or watch a video I selected for the class. You get vocabulary help to support you.

+ Watch my 15 min tutoring video on the content of the article/video: vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar.

+ Practise what you learnt in a quiz

+ Write a paragraph on the topic and get personalized feedback and corrections.

The corrections and feedback you get from your writing are detailed. It was considered by all previous students as one of the aspects that helped them most to improve.

Total of hours:

*9 hours of live session

+ 1h30 of tutorial videos

+ about 9 hours of guided activities (including feedback and corrections of writing)

Price: 179€

Join my course: Je m'exprime en toute confiance

Duration: 6 weeks

Important: I offer free level evaluations during short interviews before you join the course to ensure it is right for you.

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