Who is it for?A2 - Pre-intermediate learners of French.

Objective: review and solidify all the foundations of the level A2 to help you become autonomous speakers and learners of French. This course also aims at helping you create a positive bond with French.

Description: This is a hybrid course: 2 hours live in a classroom + 2.5 hours of activities (tutorial videos, pdf, quizzes) based on authentic resources such as articles and videos.

Homework include quizzes, flashcards, and written productions.

One of the best features are the corrections of your work. I'll create videos in which I'll correct your work while explaining your mistakes.

Topics and preparation: each week, we'll focus on specific topics and practice key structures. There will also be time for conversations to help you gain confidence in speaking.


Bradley - from USA

Taking this class was a turning point for me in my French language journey. You’ve mentioned on the site how your method is to connect us emotionally to the language, and you accomplished exactly that by the friendly but still challenging environment, various activities and tools, and an overall exciting path to learning during each lesson. I’ll be happy to return for other sessions.

Line - from Danemark

I loved the mix of learning styles - reading, writing, listening, conversation. Your energy Nolwenn - you are a really good teacher - merci beaucoup! And just the material itself was so well made. It was great that we were such a small group and that you participated. It felt super relevant and real. I love that you love language - it was amazing to have such an engaged and sharp teacher.

Mathew - from UK

I realized that it was great to learn with people who are in the same situation (a foreigner building a life in a new country) and that you have that experience yourself. I liked being in a small group and having structured variety during the course. I found it to be very equal towards everyone and never rushed through.

A2 - Pre-intermediate

Je construis des bases solides

Duration: 10 weeks

Total of hours for groups: 40h (20 hours of live sessions and about 20 hours of digital course)

Number of students: max 4

Total of hours for individuals : 30 hours (10 hours of one-on-one sessions and 20 hours of digital course)

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PRICE: €445 for the full course. You can pay in 3 installments.

Nolwenn Gautier - French native

Fully qualified teacher since 2010

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